I certainly have worked with The Master Sacraments more and more intensely then I have ever worked with anything.. Yet it’s been effortless and a constant arising that I simply could not/cannot but follow and meet.. It feels like a sacred marriage..that just wanted to be.. my favorite..sweetest arisings are these.. And when I talk about the Master Sacraments I talk about them like they are my children-my eyes light up, my heart swells with love and deep gratitude…and a deep knowing of where they come from and where they are going..!” Alex Cousins, Cape Town, South Africa


“I started about a week ago, with the young, the feminine, Psilocybin, and felt softness in my being during the day.

An unusual and sweet moment, or moments during that 1st day: – my daughters each at different times in the day, and not within each other’s view or knowledge, each came and planted a tender kiss on the top of my head …!

After some days, more doses, I felt real rawness and vulnerability … an inexplicable sadness and both a familiar sadness too. On days I needed to get a lot of things *done* in the world, I swapped to the young masculine San Pedro, and lightly enough breezed through the chores and meetings. With traces of the recent rawness and sadness in the background of my being.” Carmen, Cape Town, South Africa


“Two or three weeks ago, I was given two drops of your Salvia (SD) potion before going to sleep. I was truly amazed at the effect it had in my dreams for the following two nights. I was initially a little skeptical about whether any of these sacraments could be transmuted and stored in ‘vibrational’ form. But I am now convinced. Thank you for creating these potions. It feels like those two drops gifted me a tiny glimpse into the trancedental magic of Salvia.” Ryan Bass, Wilderness, South Africa

“Wowza! Got the shipment today-thank you! Started off with psilocybe strait away. Had remarkable contact with the plant, as I saw a mesh of webbing that connects all fungi across the planet…this transported my being into an state of oneness and the epiphanies kept rolling in. One drop. I loved how I could just carry on with the mundane aspects of the day with this tremendously generous imprint infusing into and across every thing. I had a feeling,,,but seriously guys…wow…Just wanted to send you love bombs in the shape of mushrooms. Thanks for the magic” Rue, California, USA