Hologenic Teonanácatl

Holgenic encoding of  Teonanácatl, Spring Water, Organic Mezcal.

“I take Little-One-Who-Springs-Forth and I see God. I see him sprout from the earth. He grows and grows, big as a tree, as a mountain. His face is placid, beautiful, serene as in the temples. At other times, God is not like a man: he is the Book. A Book that is born from the earth, a sacred Book whose birth makes the world shake. It is the Book of God that speaks to me in order for me to speak. It counsels me, it teaches me, it tells me what I have to say to men, to the sick, to life. The Book appears and I learn new words”

– Maria Sabina

Single Bottle $35

A single 10ml dropper bottle of Hologenic Teonanácatl containing 40 doses. 50/50 organic alcohol and spring water hologenically encoded with the frequency of Teonanácatl

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Triple Pack $90

3 X single 10ml dropper bottle of Hologenic Teonanácatl containing 40 doses. 50/50 organic alcohol and spring water hologenically encoded with the frequency of Teonanácatl

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Mushrooms have always had mystical associations. Cults around their use go back tens of thousands of years. The Aztecs worshipped them as teonanactl, the flesh of the Gods, and reserved them for their holiest ceremonies. After a brutal suppression by the Christian conquistadors, the mushroom cult disappeared from Western view for 400 years, only to be rediscovered in the 1950s

“Teonanácatl allows unconscious material to come to people’s awareness. The resulting flow and emergence, similar to dreams, can be used in a range of therapeutic situations.
At Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in California, Dr Charles Grob is carrying out a study in which terminal cancer patients are given psilocybin. The goal is to relieve their anxiety about death and improve the quality of their lives. “Our subjects have done very well,” says Dr Grob. “They’ve experienced a lessening of anxiety and an improvement in mood. One is now in less pain than before.”
Treatments such as this can act as enhanced psychotherapy, creating conditions in which the patient may have a mystical experience. “Teonanácatl opens up the membrane between the conscious and the unconscious mind,” says Rick Doblin, the founder and president of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (Maps) in America. “It allows unconscious material to come to people’s awareness. The resulting flow and emergence, similar to dreams, can be used in a range of therapeutic situations.”

A recent scientific study at the psychiatric university hospital in Zurich concluded that psilocybin poses no hazard to health – aspirin and even caffeine are more toxic. At the same time, a growing body of users is reporting startling effects that go beyond the euphoria and hallucinations that characterize the psychedelic experience. They claim greatly enhanced imagination and creativity, profound emotional and spiritual experiences, and lasting self-transformation.

One account of someone who took them “I took the mushrooms and the pressure started to build in my head. When it was too much to endure, I reached for the sky and told God, “I’m done. I can’t fight this anymore. If I am to die, I am ready. Take me! Help me!” I let go and suddenly was blasted off into space. Then I realized I wasn’t “I” anymore, I was my spirit in its entirety. It was so peaceful and so loving. It felt more real than this life we live as we know and experience it. There was no space, nor time. This experience is very difficult to explain.
Angels then came and surrounded me. I could not see what they looked like because I believe, in spirit, we do not use our human eyes. I could feel it — they were huge! They were family. It was the best feeling I have ever had. They told me they were there to find me, to let me know everything was okay and that no matter what happens afterwards, everything would be fine.
They then gave me a message from my creator. The message was a vision about my whole life, my decisions, and even my future. I’ve never experienced such clarity and perspective about my own life. My questions were answered. I was reassured. Then the angels took me back. When I came to, I was gasping for air. I had been gone for a lifetime. I could not remember anything — not even my own name.
After a few minutes, all of these memories rushed back into my head. I had only been out for an hour. I thank God for this profound experience. It deeply changed me and the way I think. I was a more loving person. My anxiety was gone. I had a true realization about my spirituality. I knew the truth.”

The sacred powers of the mushrooms are not open to all, as María Sabina the well known mushroom shaman has so eloquently said:

“The mushroom is similar to your soul. And not all souls are the same. Marcial [her second husband, a violent and drunken man] had taken the teo-nanácatl [sacred mushrooms], had had visions, but the visions served no purpose. Many people of the sierra have taken it and are taking it, but not everyone enters into the world where everything is known. Also Ana María, my sister, began taking them together with me, had the same visions, talked to the mushrooms, but the mushrooms did not reveal all their secrets. The secrets that they revealed to me are enclosed in a big Book that they showed me and that is found in a region very far away from their world, a great Book. “

“They gave it to me when Ana María fell ill … and seemed almost near death. So I decided to return again to the teo-nanácatl. I took many, many more than I had ever taken before: thirty plus thirty. I loved my sister and was ready to do anything, even to make a very long trip, just to save her. I was sitting in front of her with my body, but my soul was entering the world of the teo-nanácatl and was seeing the same landscape that it had seen many other times, then landscapes that it had never seen because the great number of mushrooms had taken me into the deepest of the depths of that world. I was going ahead until, at one point, a duende, a spirit, came toward me. He asked a strange question: ‘But what do you wish to become, you, María Sabina?’
I answered him, without knowing, that I wished to become a saint. Then the spirit smiled, and immediately he had in his hands something that he did not have before, and it was a big Book with many written pages.

‘Here,’ he said. ‘I am giving you this Book so that you can do your work better and help people who need help and know the secrets of the world where everything is known.’

I thumbed through the leaves of the Book, many written pages, and I thought that unfortunately I did not know how to read. I had never learned, and therefore that would not have been of any use to me. Suddenly, I realized I was reading and understood all that was written in the Book and that I became as though richer, wiser, and that moment I learned millions of things. I learned and learned … I looked for the herbs that the Book had indicated to me, and I did exactly what I had learned from the Book. And also Ana María got well.

I didn’t need to see the Book again because I had learned everything that was inside it. But I again saw the spirit that gave it to me and other spirits and other landscapes; and I saw, close by, the sun and the moon because the more you go inside the world of teo-nanácatl, the more things are seen. And you also see our past and our future, which are there together as a single thing already achieved, already happened.

I saw deaths and murders and people who were lost – no one knew where they were – and I alone could see. And I saw stolen horses and ancient buried cities, the existence of which was unknown, and they were going to be brought to light. Millions of things I saw and I knew. I knew and saw God: an immense clock that ticks, the spheres that go slowly around, and inside the stars, the earth, the entire universe, the day and the night, the cry and the smile, the happiness and the pain. He who knows to the end of the secret of the ‘teo-nanácatl’ can even see that infinite clockwork.