Q: What is Hologenic Encoding?

A: We use water as a blueprint to encode the frequency of the Master teacher. This happens despite no molecules of the original sacrament being present in the water. For the encoding of information into water see the work of Dr Emoto (messages from water) & Samuel Hahnemann (homeopathy).

For the latest on how physics is catching up to this see Quantum entanglement on a macro scale:

We use the actual plants or fungi of the higest organic wild collected quality. Iboga from iboga root bark; San Pedro from 4 different cactuses (6,7, 9 and 11 points) plus the flower and so on… We start from the originalsubstance and the encode this into water. By the time we are finished there is no trace of the plant in the water but the frequency of the teacher remains…We then add some organic alcohol as a preservative.

Essentially the process we work allows the water to be encoded with the frequency of the Master Sacrament. The Master Sacraments want to do their work and heal people – our frequencies simply open a clear channel between you and them.

Q: How many doses in a bottle?

A: A dose is 7 drops and there are almost 300 drops in a bottle, so 40+ doses.

Q: How do I take it?

A: First thump the bottle firmly against the palm of the hand a number of times (ideally 5 – 9 strikes) so that the liquid inside the bottle is strongly pulsed and shaken. Then take 7 drops to the tongue and allow to absorb in your mouth. The first subtle effects will be felt almost immediately.

Q: How do I use the Sacraments?

A: We recommend initially mostly using 1 at a time.  Either spend a period of time focusing on a particular Sacrament and getting the learnings or use on an occasional basis when you wish to tune in to the transmission from a particular teacher. Once you have a feel for what they do individually then there is a lot of scope for exploration in combining 2 or 3 Sacraments at a time.

Q: Can I combine the Sacraments?

A: Yes the Master Sacraments pack gives you 63 different possible combinations of Sacraments. We recommend getting to know the sacraments individually before branching out into exploring the combinations.

Q: Will I have the same experience as if taking the actual substance?

A: No. These are powerful encoded frequencies of the Teacher Plants rather than their actual chemical components. When taking the drops you will come into association with the energetic structure / morphic field / wisdom mind of the Teacher Plant. This will allow relationship with the Ally, and a subtle transmission of the consciousness and energy of that Ally, without the full blown psychic and somatic effects that would normally be engendered by taking the crude substance. While much more subtle than taking the actual substance, the effects are nonetheless very profound.

Q: Why not include the actual substance?

A:  At the volumes we recommend the vibration of the encoding is far more powerful than the actual substance would be.  There is also the added benefit of no risk of legal issues.

Q: I’m not immediately noticing the effects, what should I do?

A: If you have never worked with energy medicine or are more accustomed to working with the chemical analogues you might not at first notice the deep yet subtle effects of the encoded versions of the sacraments. Take some space from doing and sink in to a more meditative space for a while and you will be more likely to notice how the sacrament is working with you. If you do wish to experience a more obvious effect then you can double the dose.

Q: How do I take a double dose?

A: Because of the way the encoded frequency interacts with the human system doubling the number of drops will not as in the chemical substance double the dose. To take a double dose instead take a dose and wait 1-5 minutes before taking a second dose.

Q: What if your Sacraments don’t work for me?

A: We stand 100% behind our offering.  First contact us but if you are not completely satisfied simply return them and we will give you a full refund no questions.

Q: Storage?

A: Store your Master Sacraments below 25°C and carefully protect it them direct sunlight, and also ideally from other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Q: Do you have a delivery guarantee?

A: You always get what your ordered. Even if we have to re-ship it ten times. This is of course very unlikely as 99% of all our shipments are delivered the first time in perfect condition. However, on occasion packages are sometimes damaged in transit, lost in transit or seized in customs. In that event we take full responsibility to ensure your order is re-shipped at our expense. In the case of a non-delivery we will re-ship your order 30 days after the original shipment in order to allow for delays in transit.